New research is turning everything you've always been told about "losing" fat upside down… while giving many long-time "dieters" the changed bodies they could only dream of before…"

Are we losing the battle with fat? A new scientific discovery offers hope.


Hi, I'm Phil and I've got a strange confession to make in a video about "dieting"…

I've given up on diets and "losing fat" for good.

And here's where it gets even stranger: So has everybody I've shared this secret with so far.

All thanks to ONE doctor you'll meet in just a minute whose ideas about changing your body forever are SO DIFFERENT from the "conventional wisdom" about "dieting" and "exercise," I guarantee you've never seen anything like this before.

In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that by the end of this short letter – which won't be up for long – you'll be able to take a deep breath of relief and never stress out about dieting and exercise ever again.

I know that's a pretty bold claim…

And you might be thinking, Wait a minute… this guy doesn't know anything about what I've gone through trying to lose weight… what else I've tried… what my "genetics" are… whether I'm a man or a woman, how old I am, or anything like that.

Well, here's the thing… I couldn't have said this to you even a year ago…

… but it just doesn't matter anymore if you're male or female, in your 20's or your 50's, how much "stubborn" fat you're staring at in the mirror, or even if you're convinced you're just "genetically cursed" to never be thin.

That stuff only matters if you're following the "traditional" advice you've heard a million times in 100 different flavors…

You know – exercise to "burn" fat, eat less and cut carbs... or cut fat... or cut sugars to "lose" fat, then just keep sweating and starving to maintain your "results"…

Well, those plans don't work and those days are over.

Because here's what scientists have just started to realize…

Dieting gets you nowhere.

I know, I know – you could have told the guys in lab coats that yourself, right? I mean, we are human and we love to eat.

Well, specifically, they discovered that even if you join a rigorous scientific experiment where doctors custom-tailor a diet for you and constantly watch you and measure everything so there's no way you can "cheat" or do anything "wrong"…

… the "results" still don't last.

That's right, even if they got you to "lose" a ton of weight, you'd still gain at least half of it back within a year. And you'd still feel like you were struggling to "diet" and keep weight off after all that time.

That means all that guilt you've been heaping onto your food choices is completely misguided. You've been torturing yourself trying to "lose fat" for nothing.

 Kinda depressing, right?

The GOOD news is, scientists are also just finding out there's a really SIMPLE (and easy to fix) reason why people consistently FAIL to lose weight…

… and why even people "disciplined enough" to shrink their waistlines just tend to "yo-yo" right back to their old shape in no time flat.

First, here's the problem with traditional "dieting" in a nutshell…

You CAN'T "lose" fat. It's physically impossible.


Take a look again at these side-by-side photos…

The people in these photos have transformed their bodies… yet none of them have "lost" a single fat cell.

That's what I found out when I sat down with one of these doctors who are just discovering the new science of getting thin.

His name is Dr. Mike Roussell, and he's the guy with "weird" ideas I told you about just a minute ago.

So, why are nutritional researchers like Dr. Mike Roussell just discovering the real reasons you struggle to "lose" weight?

It's the same reason why most "expert" advice about nutrition leaves people more confused than ever about how to eat a "healthy diet"…

And That's MONEY...

The money the Food Industry spends every year to influence what the government and even many "certified" nutritionists tell the public about what to eat …

In exchange for these lobbying dollars – over $21 million this year just to Congress alone – "Big Food" gets to put its "stamp of approval" on everything from the Food Pyramid… to health research at America's colleges and universities.

It even buys "heart healthy" endorsements for products like sugar-packed cereals…

That's why Dr. Mike realized the "system" was broken… and after becoming one of a select few nutritionists to pursue a Doctorate degree, he refused to let "Big Food" fund his research.

Instead, he joined a small circle of independent researchers who are finally shining a light on nutrition's biggest lie.

Here's what Dr. Mike has discovered about why we struggle so much to lose weight using traditional diets...

Every one of us is born with a certain number of "adipocytes" (that's doctor-speak for "fat cells")…

When you "gain weight," your fat cells swell up like balloons until they can't get any bigger. And then they divide and create new fat cells.

And what the "diet experts" never tell you is… You can't "burn off," "melt," or "lose" any of these fat cells you already have right now as you're watching this. They're yours for keeps.

So how does anybody get thin without losing a single fat cell?

Take a moment and just grab onto a stubborn area of fat you'd love to get rid of for good. It could be on your belly, your thighs, or your love handles – and see what it feels like.

It's both soft and firm – kind of like a balloon filled up with water, right?

Now, pinch an area on your body that doesn't have any visible "extra" fat, like your forearm.

Well, that's essentially what you're seeing in these "before and after" photos …

These people have shrunk their waistlines – and gotten rid of their visible, "pinchable" fat – by "deflating" their fat cells so dramatically…

… you might think they've just "melted away."

In fact, it takes just 2 short days for this transformation to start happening

… so make a note to try this again over the next few weeks – you'll see what I mean when the extra fat you can hold in your hand right now begins to "shrink" so much, you can feel it getting smaller between your fingers.

And when you repeat this same little "pinch test" 60 days from today… get prepared to find spots where you can barely feel your old "stubborn" fat at all!

Now… shrinking down all those fat cells is great… while it lasts… but if you've ever experienced a "successful" diet only to rebound right back to your old weight and shape…

… you know it's pretty hard to keep your fat cells "thin" for long…


Because the latest research from researchers like Dr. Mike reveals… you can't just "diet and exercise" like weight loss and fitness gurus have always told you.

Not if you want to look good and keep your new shape struggle-free for more than just a few weeks.

That means you can't just "lose" some weight and then pretend you've "gotten rid of" all that fat for good. You haven't – as we now know, it's still there, you just can't see it.

So as soon as you stop "dieting" it comes right back. It's like playing an endless game of "whack a mole" with your body.

To reshape your body fast – and keep your new body for life – you've got to do more than just temporarily "shrink" your fat cells the way the usual "diets" do…

You need to PERMANENTLY "detox" all the fat in your body and transform it into healthy cells that actually help you keep excess weight off for good.

Now, I'm NOT talking about flushing "toxins" out of your colon or "fasting" or drinking strange potions. I'm talking about restoring your fat cells to their natural, healthy state.


And here's where the really good news comes in:

"Detoxing" and changing your fat cells from your worst enemy into your waistline's new best friend is much simpler, cheaper and EASIER than any traditional "diet" or exercise routine.

Because getting healthy fat cells that naturally shrink and stay that way doesn't involve "starving yourself" or sweating on a treadmill.

Believe it or not, it's all about HORMONES.

That's right, hormones – but not the ones you've probably heard of like testosterone and estrogen. This has nothing to do with age or whether you're a man or a woman.

These hormones are produced by the fat cells in everyone's body… and when your fat cells are "toxic," these hormones get way out of whack.

You might even have heard about the most important of these "fat hormones" on the news.

It's Called Leptin...

LEPTIN is your body's "fat thermostat." It tells your brain how much body fat you have stored away in your fat cells.

The more fat cells you have, and the bigger your fat cells become, the more Leptin gets produced…

Now, what your body is supposed to do is respond to high levels of Leptin by cranking up your metabolism and burning off more energy from every meal you eat instead of storing it away as more fat.


But here's what Dr. Mike discovered really happens…

When you're overweight, after awhile your body just stops responding to Leptin. It's like your brain is just not "getting the signal"…

So you just keep packing away extra fat, meal after meal.

Think that sounds like a tough cycle to break out of? Well, it gets even worse when you have one of those "mirror moments" and decide to go on a "diet"…

By cutting calories, you're forcing your fat cells to shrink… and because you're not doing anything about your fat hormones, your fat cells start producing even less Leptin than before.

Ever heard of "starvation mode"? That's what happens to your body when it's already not responding normally to Leptin and other fat hormones, and suddenly your levels get lower and lower.

Sure, you might lose some pounds… but your body "thinks" you're starving, so it slows down your metabolism to a crawl and makes sure you get hungrier and hungrier, desperately craving all the foods you're "denying yourself."

Sound familiar?

It's the reason why "diet" after diet fails to give you the permanent, cravings-free body transformation you deserve.

And why science is just now waking up to the fact that merely "cutting calories" or slashing carbs and sugars, and even following the experts' ideal "food pyramid" to the letter just doesn't work.

Because as long as "toxic" fat cells are keeping your Leptin and other fat hormone levels out of balance… your body will continually FIGHT every last effort you make (no matter how extreme) to get the body of your dreams.

So just how are you supposed to get your fat cells back to normal, and get your fat hormones working on your side again, like they're supposed to?

Well, it's important to realize, this "toxic fat cell" problem didn't even exist for most of our ancestors… and now it affects almost everybody.

Think about it: How many cavemen do you think went around "watching carbs" and running on treadmills? Heck, how many people obsessed over endless diets and fitness fads just a few generations ago? If you're guessing a lot less than today, you're right…

Not because they didn't "care" if they were overweight, either: The weight of the average American has jumped by over 26 POUNDS just in the last 40 years alone. No wonder a record TWO THIRDS of us are overweight or obese, and nearly half that many of us are pre-diabetic!

The big difference between us and our grandparents… the difference that's keeping your fat cells toxic and sabotaging every effort you make to change your body… is your lifestyle.

I'm talking about practically everybody's lifestyle today in "2000's"…

… and this is not about the really "bad habits" either – just "little stuff" everybody does without even thinking about it. Small changes in everything from the way we eat, sleep, and spend our time every single day.

But here's the good news: "tweaking" your lifestyle in ways that bring your fat hormones back into balance, and "detoxing" your fat cells is much easier than the usual "crash diet" and time-consuming workout plans you're used to.

The only problem is… these discoveries researchers like Dr. Mike have stumbled on about how to transform your body by transforming your fat cells are so new…

… most "expert" nutritionists and "diet gurus" haven't caught up yet (and "Big Food" is lobbying hard to make sure it stays that way).

That means, figuring out the exact step-by-step system to "reset" your body's fat thermostat would normally mean digging through scientific journals until your eyes bleed…

… or getting Dr. Roussell to work with you one-on-one.

Of course, neither of those options is realistic for most people who need this information… and that's why Dr. Mike finally agreed to produce a "home study" version of the system anyone can follow from start to finish in just 60 days.

And today, you have the opportunity to try it yourself risk-free!

Introducing The Detox Your Fat System:
A Step-By-Step System To Reshape Your Body By Forcing
Your Fat Hormones To Stop Working Against You And
Instead…Automatically Burn Fat On-Demand!



Everything you need to reprogram your system’s fat burning abilities has been broken down into "step-by-step “phases” in this system, so you can easily follow Dr. Mike’s advice to supercharge your fat loss over the next 60 days.

And since you can refer back to this system any time you want, in the privacy of your own home, you’ll always have immediate access to EVERYTHING Dr. Mike has loaded into this package.

It’s like having private access to your own fat loss expert, on-call and ready to give you the advice you need, any time of day you need it WITHOUT having to pay hefty fees in the process!

Now, in case you’re curious…

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Have Access To In This
Vault Of Expert Weight Loss Resources:



 Module #1 - The Core “Detox Your Fat” System


 In this 4-part video series, Dr. Mike shakes things up by shattering several weight loss myths and showing you how to easily start burning more fat…regardless of whether you’ve struggled in the past or think you’re cursed with bad genetics or a lack of time…

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll immediately discover once you download your copy:

Video 1: The Foundation: 4 Must-Know “Weight Regulators” For Achieving The Body You Desire. 

How brain-dead simple Lifestyle Changes Can Dramatically Accelerate Your Body’s Natural Fat Burning Abilities. The result? No more being a slave to a treadmill, cardio, or boring diets EVER again…

The 4 pillars of fat-loss function, and how each of them play a critical roll in your success when it comes to restoring your body back to the fat-burning machine it’s meant to be…

Did you know once a fat cell fully matures, it will stay on your body forever? Dr. Mike reveals 3 simple ways to STOP this from happening in the fastest and safest way possible, so you never waste your time and energy trying to fight these “immortal” fat cells.

At the 7:44 mark, Dr. Mike reveals the truth about which fat is the most deadly kind in your body (HINT: It’s not the fat you can pinch on your belly!).

Fat doesn’t just “hang out” on your body. If not taken care of ASAP, there are 4 different ways fat can send a shockwave of destructive results all over your brain and body. (revealed at 11:47)

Discover your body’s “body fat thermostat” hormone and how manipulating it allows you to lose weight through reduced cravings, optimized calorie and fat burning, and boosted blood sugar metabolism. (15:01)

9 areas of your health that can suddenly go to “red-alert” status if inflammation is present in your body — a common problem when our waistline and hormones are out of control. (23:02)


Video 2: The Truth About Carbs + Eating Tips For Maximum Weight Loss!


The shocking truth about focusing on “calories in vs. calories out” and why ignoring this myth can transform your success rate with losing weight from mediocre status to getting up to 10x the fat-loss results… (2:27)

How using specific foods and beverages can KILL immature fat cells, so they never mature into those immortal fat cells Dr. Mike mentions in video #1. (6:12)

Want to stop fat cells’ growth in their tracks? Enjoy a warm cup of this popular Japanese tea (available and affordable at most supermarkets) to give your body an edge against fat. (9:50)

Think carbs are bad for weight loss? Dr. Mike shows you the best kind of carbs to eat in the morning to actually HELP your body eliminate fat, and even provides simple recipes (more on this in a sec) so you can take action…even if you normally hate breakfast or are short on time! (17:50)

Whether you eat breakfast or not, you’ll discover an even BETTER time to enjoy many of your favorite carb-rich foods, at 21:10.

The “calorie sweet spot” method to enjoy your favorite foods while still burning fatand keeping your hormones working with you…WITHOUT feeling weak, hungry or deprived. (24:54)

BONUS: Dr. Mike makes getting started a no-brainer, by providing you with over 75 DELICIOUS “mix-and-match” meals and recipes you can happily devour, knowing they taste great and are helping you supercharge your body’s hormones AND ability to destroy fat like a well-oiled machine.


Video #3: The Magic Of Sleep For Weight Loss + How To Burn An Extra 2,000 Calories

Per Day


Love to sleep? Dr. Mike explains how something as counterintuitive as snoozing can be used as a fat-loss accelerator. (1:02)

How much sleep should you get each night for optimal health and weight loss? 
(WARNING: Get this wrong and losing weight will be temporary, if not impossible). Everything is explained starting at (2:05).

Trouble falling asleep? Discover 3 simple ways to fall asleep FASTER than ever at the (10:09) mark.

A strange but wickedly effective type of audio you can use on your computer or smart phone to “steal” 15 minute naps during the day, even if you’d normally have trouble getting into a state of rest that quickly. (15:10)

How to hack your day using low-intensity, “off your butt activities” to burn up to 2,000 extra calories per day WITHOUT exhausting yourself in the process. Dr. Mike considers this secret the “keys to the kingdom” when it comes to fast, easy, and permanent weight loss results. (starts at 18:36)

Several different “off your butt activity” examples you can do at any time of day such as: during your lunch break, while on the phone, or even during your favorite TV show! (26:07)


Video #4: Why Exercise Doesn’t Have To Be A Scary, Exhausting Struggle


The amazing, drug-like effects becoming more active WILL have on your brain…

How even SIMPLE movements can help you manipulate your body’s hormones to do GOOD instead of EVIL… (2:00)

Why marathon treadmill sessions or spending hours at the gym are NOT the answers to looking and feeling great. (5:04)

The 2 secrets to keeping your body on its toes, so you can prevent weight loss plateaus and get MAXIMUM results. (12:10)

How to instantly trigger a 100x increase in efficiency when it comes to your “body fat thermostat” hormone Dr. Mike revealed in the first video. (17:18)


 Module #2: The Done-For-You, Results Guaranteed

“Detox  Your  Fat Recipe Library"

After watching the videos, you’ll know everything you need to effectively torch fat from your body, but…what should you eat?

Once again, Dr. Mike has you covered with his private collection of more than 75 mouthwatering recipes PROVEN to keep your tastebuds happy, your stomach satisfied, and your body burning fat around the clock.

Within the breakfast, lunch, dinner, power shake, and smoothie recipes…you’ll see how easy it is to make tons of “too good to be true” foods that, when eaten in the right way as Dr. Mike explains, will turn your entire body into a fat-burning incinerator.

With so many choices, you’re guaranteed to find plenty of dishes you’ll enjoy!


 Module #3: Meet Mr. X And His Arsenal Of "Beginner-To-Advanced"  Training  (For Men AND Women)

Because the guy you’ll meet in Module 3 is one of the most highly sought after fitness experts—one people normally pay big bucks to learn from—I can’t reveal his name on this page.

HOWEVER, what I can tell you is that he’s been a regular contributor to publications like Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Cosmo, Allure, Men’s Health, Marie Claire…and has privately transformed the health of A-List clients that include pro athletes, celebrities, music stars, fashion models, and more.

Do you think you could learn a thing or two from someone like this who, in Mr. X’s case, has been getting people results for over 16 years?

Of course! And in module 3, he gives you tons of different movements you can do whether you’re a beginner or advanced, so you can move at your own pace. It’s like having a personal trainer on call, whenever you’re ready to melt away more fat.



BONUS Module:  Quick-Start "Hot Sheets" For Every Single Part Of The System!

Guess what?

To help you get started even FASTER, your notes have already been taken for you!

I still encourage you to go through the videos, since they won’t take you that long, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to dive in head first…these hot sheets contain all the important takeaways you’ll discover in each video.

Each hot sheet is just a couple pages long, so you can devour all the key pieces of information, and start implementing the Detox Your Fat system right away!

As you can see, we’ve made sure EVERYTHING has been streamlined for you…

And after just 60 days, you get to experience the kind of PERMANENT weight loss that's only possible once your body's natural fat-regulating mechanism is back on track, working the way our ancestors took for granted to keep you lean and full of energy.

You get to finally enjoy your new shape knowing what you see in the mirror can't be "un-done" by one late-night snack, holiday dinner or weekend of "letting go”...

Of course, you’re probably wondering…

“How Much Do I Need To Invest In The Detox Your Fat System?”


Normally, working with Dr. Mike "one on one" to get this system running for you would cost you a cool $225 per hour…

However, because you're getting the full online "home study" version of Detox Your Fat, with no "doctor visits" required and nothing to ship…

You can grab instant download access to everything in this video (plus some extra-cool surprises) for just ONE payment of $97... 

That’s what others have had to pay to get their hands on this system, and even though I’d argue it’s still a bargain at that price…

For A Limited Time, You Can Get A “New Member’s Only" VIP Discount For Acting Fast:


Try Detox Your Fat today, and get everything for just a one-time payment of $39.95 – nearly 60% off the regular price! 

And, considering that the average box diet costs more than $85 per week... you'll love eating delicious everyday foods and saving hundreds of dollars every month!

Plus, the time and money you’ll save having a proven system developed by world-class experts…without the expense of paying them for one-on-one visits.

However, It’s Only Fair That I Warn You:


This offer is strictly limited and the discounted price will become unavailable, once a certain number of people have claimed their spot. 

However, if you're reading this now, your price is still just $39.95, so make sure you don't leave this page without locking it in.

The Good News: You Can Try It Risk-Free For A Full 60 Days!


All it takes is 60 days – just two short months – to finally stop "dieting" and start changing your body for good.

So to make it a complete "no brainer" to get started, you don't need to decide today.

In fact, Dr. Mike insists you take the full 60 days to put Detox Your Fat to the test and see your own results in the mirror – then tell us if you want to keep it.

If you're not thrilled with the results you've achieved 60 days from today, or if you decide Detox Your Fat is not for you for any reason, Dr. Mike will "buy it back" from you and refund every penny you paid on the spot – no questions asked, no explanation required.

Now, I've seen what the Detox Your Fat program can do, so I'm not telling you about this guarantee because I expect you to be disappointed…

I'm letting you know you're 100% protected from day one because I want to make absolutely sure you have the confidence to start today, with nothing holding you back.

And it's easy to take that first step – just click the big orange "Add to Cart" button below this video to go straight to the 100% secure checkout page, and you'll get online access to Detox Your Fat right away.

At This Point, You Basically Have Two Options:


The facts revealed on this page about how to finally " detox" your fat cells and permanently reshape your body have never been shared publicly before…

And whether you click the "Add to Cart" button right now or not, you're making a choice that will affect your body and your health for weeks, months and even years to come.

You can ignore what you've seen here, keep getting let down by the latest "fad diet" or "magic bullet" fat-loss pill… and keep falling victim to the same vicious cycle as your toxic fat hormones force you to re-gain every pound you "lose"…

You can resign yourself to never changing your body, and living with the weight and shape you've got now, accepting that all the "dieting" you've ever attempted has been a waste of time and money…

… OR… you can be one of the FIRST to take action today with Dr. Mike Roussell's all-new "Detox Your Fat" program, and smile at the real results you see at your next "mirror moment", knowing you've stopped "dieting" and started changing your body and your life for good.

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Thanks for reading, and welcome aboard!

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(This is a digital downloaded ebook.  You will be able to download all the modules once your order is complete.  This is not a physical product)